The 6 Qualities Of A Good Nurse That Employers Look For

Jul 16, 2018

Jul 16, 2018

Did you know that there's currently a high demand for nurses all across Canada? In fact, it's expected that Canada will need to fill 60,000 nursing positions by 2022.

Both rural and urban areas need registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and technicians. Specialized nurses and LPN's all need to perform to the highest standard - no matter where they are or what they do.

Are you considering a career as a nurse or are already pursuing one? What exactly are the qualities of a good nurse that you should have?

In this article, we'll explore 6 qualities and personality traits that the best nurses all have in common. That way, you can set yourself apart from other candidates in the eyes of employers. Let's get started!

1. Empathic & Caring

Patients need to feel that the people taking care of them understand their suffering. At the same time, patients shouldn't feel like they're a burden, either. This is the root of empathy in the medical sense.

Patients who feel like they're cared about will ultimately feel less stressed. And the less stress they have, the better and faster they'll recover.

Nurses interact with patients the most, far more than most doctors and surgeons. Nurses are the ones who need to approach patients with the compassion they need. All while carrying out their duties.

Not all patients show receptiveness to a nurse's compassionate care. Some patients are downright rude and ungrateful. The best nurses need to have empathy for every patient - no matter how unpleasant they may be.

2. Detail-Oriented

A nurse functions as a medium between the patient and the rest of the medical team.

They are the patient's primary listening ears. So, it's important that nurses take everything a patient says into consideration. That way, they can deliver the necessary care possible.

The best nurses not only pay attention to detail. They also carry out every duty in accordance with the protocol.

3. Organized

With so many patients and details to pay attention, there is a great need for organization.

It's crucial that every nurse keep precise notes and records on every patient under their care. This data is pertinent to the patient's care, and any mistakes could have dire consequences.

That means keeping up with patient's schedule and understanding what they need at any given time. And in the midst of all this, there's staying on top of the demands of doctors and spur of the moment needs of the patients.

Being a nurse is by no means an idle job. But staying organized can help you stay on top of everything there is to keep track of.

4. Critical Thinking

Nurses need to be masters at what they do. There's a lot of technical and clinical information that doctors and patients can throw your way. You need to be able to take it all on, no matter what day it is.

You also have to be able to respond to situations with the knowledge you possess. Without strong critical thinking skills, patients won't receive the care they need. You need to be able to react fast - without error.

5. Flexible

Most doctors offices close at 5 pm during the week. But a hospital never sleeps. Flexibility is one of the most important nursing qualities - especially for those who work in a hospital.

Asked to stay late and cover someone's shift? Does your floor need someone to work overnight? Do you need to work double shifts back-to-back with little time to sleep?

The best nurses are those willing to work and perform their duties at any hour of any day. But that's not even half of it.

Patients come and go from a hospital room. Some go home, some go into surgery, while others move to different hospital sectors.

The best nurses are those who can adapt to the changing nature of the hospital. All while meeting the needs of every patient under their care.

Walk into every shift with an understanding that anything could happen. And prepare yourself to react professionally and with your head held high.

6. Emotional Stability

Interacting with and caring for people who are unwell is not easy. Patients are often emotional as a result of their ailments or the trauma of being in the hospital. Their families can often be as emotional as the patients themselves.

Nurses have to deal with an array of situations, from the mundane to the crazy. So, the ability to stay calm and composed is one of the most important nursing qualities you can have.

Before every shift, you have to be in a stable state of mind that allows you to keep your emotions in check. Some situations may disturb you or break your heart. But you have to find a way to keep going.

That's not to say that you should keep your emotions bottled up, either. The people you work alongside with will likely understand how you're feeling. So, it's good that you communicate and open up to each other.

Maintaining a work-life balance is also important for nurses. After every shift, you have to try to separate yourself from work. On your days off, focus on exercising, doing what you love, and catching up on sleep.

Possess the Qualities of a Good Nurse & Be the Best at What You Do

Being a nurse is not for the faint of heart. But those with the qualities of a good nurse already ingrained in their personalities will find great success in the nursing field.

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